Gifts for your 30th wedding anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Gift

Having a 30 year anniversary is an exciting time. It may be hard to imagine, but having a thirty year anniversary is actually easier than you might think. The hardest part is the celebration of the actual event. Sometimes the anniversary has become a birthday party, where people celebrate it even if they have not […]

August 8, 2020

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts

Gift ideas

If you want to go for a traditional anniversary gift, there are many choices available. These gifts are not only appreciated but also buy you the proper recognition of your partner’s status and position in your life. The first step in choosing the best present is deciding on the events, celebrations and milestones that really […]

July 30, 2020

Modern wedding anniversary gifts

Wedding Anniversary Gift

Giving a modern anniversary gift is an excellent way to celebrate your love and affection for your partner. It is also an opportunity to show that you still love them and that you care. Since they are still part of your life and you want to keep in touch with them, consider some great ideas […]

July 25, 2020

Modern wedding anniversary gifts by years

Gift ideas

If you are planning your wedding anniversary or have found out that your spouse has her birthday coming up soon, one of the best gifts for her would be a modern or classic anniversary gift. It is not always that traditional wedding anniversary gifts are expensive or even old. In fact, they can be from […]

July 8, 2020

The eternal rose gift


The Eternal Rose is a true, authentic and real gemstone. This gemstone was discovered in Egypt by an Egyptian scientist by the name of Manetho, who was trying to make a sickle as one of his instruments. Since the substance could not be cut, it would not fall apart, so he used it as a […]

June 17, 2020